Warrior Revo X Attacker: Win The Lacrosse Game

I think one of the most underrated sports is lacrosse. It is a fantastic sport that often goes unnoticed by so many people even though I find it to be thrilling to play. It is basically the game of hockey on a field and is extremely intense, physical, and takes great determination to play.

I have made it my goal this past year to play with certain types of lacrosse sticks so I can see what one is the best on the market. I have had experiences playing with terrible sticks and I want to help you avoid that situation. I have bought many sticks online and tested them out for myself to share my knowledge with you!

There are so many lacrosse brands available on the market today that vary in price, size, and playing type. It is a daunting task buying sports equipment that you are unfamiliar with and I am here to ease this process.

I hope by the end of this review you can decide for yourself whether this certain brand is right for you! The lacrosse brand I am talking about today is the Warrior Revo X Attacker Lacrosse Stick. It is available online for purchase on various websites!


The Warrior Revo X Attacker Lacrosse Stick comes with a variety of features to meet your lacrosse playing needs. These features include:

  • Wider face shape
  • Allows defensive players to pick off passes
  • Reinforced sidewall gives you maximum strength along the entire length of the sidewall
  • The perfect scoop angle lets you easily scoop up ground balls on the run
  • 30 inches in length
  • Comes pre-strung
  • Regulation Size


  • Great Quality
  • Fantastic Size
  • Really Easy to Scoop Balls
  • Great for both offensive and defensive
  • Wider shape for easier catching ability


  • May be too big for some people
  • On the pricer side
  • No Warranty that I see


Before I get into my final verdict on this product, I want to share with you a really big tip I have when it comes to online shopping. I have been online shopping for years and have always really enjoyed it.

It has so many amazing perks as most locations allow for free shipping if you spend over a certain amount: so, it literally saves money shopping online and not going to the store. You save money on gas, save a lot of time, and it is so much more convenient having it delivered to your own home.

However, as much as I love online shopping there is one major con that I want to make you aware of! There have been numerous cases, and I have experienced first-hand, people getting something that they did not expect. This is especially true in tools that you will USE with your hands such as sporting equipment, garden tools, clothes, bags, and musical instruments.

People expect them to be a certain size, look or sound a certain way, but when they arrive it is completely the opposite. This is why I always recommend going to the store first and looking at it in person.

This will just save you heartache later on. I recommend going in person, looking and touching it with your hands, and then leave the store and order it online. This will just give you peace of mind so you know what you’re getting!

All that being said, I do recommend the Warrior Revo X Attacker Lacrosse Stick as I have tried it in person firsthand from an order I placed online. The online order saved me money and delivered me a fantastic lacrosse stick!

I can honestly say it plays fantastic and is great for both offensive and defensive players. I was especially in awe of its wider shaped net, that made it a lot easier for me to handle the ball and receive passes.

It is a great size and even though it may be a little more expensive than others, it is worth your money as it will last longer. I am so happy that you are looking into playing the great game of lacrosse, and I hope this review helped you in your decision to find a great stick! Best of luck playing!

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