STX Crux 300 Complete Stick [WOMENS]

STX Crux 300 Complete Stick has the brand name to its advantage. The company has been developing sports equipments for over half a century, so the name says it all.

STX Crux 300 Complete Stick is one of their women’s lacrosse stick range. The elite head of the stick is one-of-a-kind. The head is designed specifically for the high school level players who want a good quality equipment to boost their confidence.

It is a recommended product for offensive players as it helps in perfecting shooting skills. The new and improved pocket design of the 300 series makes it easier to catch, cradle, shoot and throw the ball. So, if you want to master these skills then Crux 300 is good to go.

Unlike other beginner’s sticks that come with shallow pockets, this one has the deepest legal pocket due to the minimum height of side walls. This makes it a good choice for entry level players. The deep legal pocket helps players get a better control on the ball during a game.

The shaft of this stick has a special texture which makes it easier to get a good grip on the stick. It helps to throw and catch the ball like a pro.

The company describes this stick as a good choice for beginners and average players, but upon review we found the quality good enough for professionals too.

The Crux 300 looks better than any traditional women’s stick. It has been the choice of national-level players!

At the time of review, the price of this product on Amazon was $109.99 plus shipping charges. Although it is an expensive stick when compared to other women’s stick for beginners, the cutting edge design and unique features makes it worth the investment!


  • The scoop angle of the Crux 300 stick gives that extra snap
  • The runaway pocket in the head has a unique design
  • It features an overlapping center string system that enables two center runners to stretch out and catch the ball
  • The minimum side wall height creates the deepest possible legal pocket
  • There are multiple string holes that creates the possibility for numerous stringing and pocket options
  • This complete women’s stick comes with a 7075 handle
  • The STX Crux 300 comes in ten exciting colors


The attractive overall appearance of the Crux 300 impressed us and we also like the various color options available. Given the fact that these are women’s sticks, the color options have been chosen accordingly.

The head of the stick has an overlapping center string system which adds to the strength and durability of the stick. We found this unique string system highly impressive.

It features the deepest legal pocket which helps in enhancing a player’s performance.  It helps beginners learn the various skills such as passing, catching, cradling and shooting the ball, with ease.

The shaft has a special texture that gives a comfortable grip to the players. It helps beginners practice the skills of throwing and catching the ball without much effort.

Experts prefer this product over other cheaper alternatives available in the market because sticks with flat heads and shallow pockets can retard the development.

If you are serious about mastering the skills of this game then buying this quality product would be a good decision.


We seriously did not find any disadvantage with the product. The only downside for some may be the price which is slightly on the higher side.

If you just a beginner, unsure about whether you would take the sports seriously or not then you may choose to buy one of the cheaper alternatives.

Those who are looking for a lacrosse stick to enjoy a fun game in the backyard or at the beach may opt for the less expensive ones.


Overall, we found the STX Crux 300 a good choice for those who are determined about taking the game seriously. The stick has unique features that can help an entry-level player learn the various skills of the game with ease. The unique design of the shaft gives a strong grip to the players and enhances their performance.

Although a bit expensive, we would say it’s worth the price if you are buying the stick for a middle school or high school girl who wants to learn the game seriously.

If you are buying a stick for your toddler or a gift for someone who may or may not develop an interest for the game, then better look for cheaper alternatives!

We would recommend that you buy the Crux 300 complete as your second stick after your outgrow your beginner’s one. You can practice the fundamental skills at the entry-level stage with a cheaper stick. Once you get a hang of the game you can invest in this one as it promises to give you that extra confidence!

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