Review of the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick

Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick with its advanced head and shaft combination claims to take your game to the next level. How true are these claims? Let’s find out!

The stick is definitely made to play serious games. It is not meant for fun or light hearted games.  Evo head has been re-tooled for Junior varsity level players.

The use of innovative technology helps in achieving an improved stick design that offers enhanced grip and better ball control. It gives a competitive edge to the player over others.

The advanced TruOffset design of the head creates the deepest possible pocket by lowering the side walls below the shaft centerline. This reduces the center of gravity in the Evo head, thus creating a deeper pocket design that provides good control over the ball.

The Evo next shaft comes with a ruff-grip texture for a high-end feel. This rough design makes it easier to hold the stick. The semi-hard mesh on the head offers a consistent release and it provides improved ball control in the Evo pocket.

At the time of reviewing the product, the price on Amazon was $59.99 including shipping charges.

Warrior EVO stick has been designed to help new players develop the game skills. It helps them learn to catch and throw the ball at a more advanced level.


  • EVA head is designed for Junior varsity level players to play like the pros
  • Innovative Truoffset design creates the deepest possible pocket for enhanced ball control
  • The EVA shaft has a ruff-grip texture that makes it easier to get a good grip
  • The stick is designed as per the NCAA standards
  • The semi-Hard mesh on the head offers a consistent release
  • It is a good stick for entry level players, and works well with second year players too
  • It comes in three exciting colors that have a sharp appearance


The innovative design of the Warrior EVO stick is perhaps the biggest advantage of this product. The deep legal pockets make it easier for beginners to learn the various skills of the game. It is easier to catch, cradle, and throw the ball using the advanced head design.

The shaft has also been thoughtfully designed to give players a good grip on the stick. The ruff-grip texture ensures that you have a good control over the ball.

We find the color combinations decent too. The red and white combo gives a sharp appearance to the product. There are two other color options available that are equally good.

If you are considering buying a beginner’s lacrosse stick then why waste your money on mediocre products when you can get an improved design at the same price.

The innovative technology used in creating the Warrior EVO stick ensures that when a beginner gets on the field with his stick, he feels like a pro already!

With a good grip and secure pocket that offers better control over the ball, the beginner level players will learn the skills with ease.

The lightweight technology and improved pocket design will help the entry level players grow in the game.

We are happy with the price of the product which makes the product neither too cheap nor expensive. It is just perfect for anyone looking for a reasonably priced quality lacrosse stick.


This Evo stick is slightly heavy when compared to others but once you start practicing with it regularly, you get used to the weight.

Some customers complained that the strings broke after a few games, and they had to be re-strung. However, it should not be considered a big issue because many times factory made strings are not satisfactory and players prefer to get their lacrosse head re-strung by a stringing specialist.

It is not cheap if you are considering a low cost beginner’s stick. However, it should be remembered that practicing with a cheap stick will retard the development of entry level players.


Overall, we were impressed with the innovative TruOffset design and advanced technology of the Evo stick. The thoughtful design of the stick directly impact’s the players performance and helps him deliver his best.

Whether you are looking for a beginner’s stick or a professional stick, the Evo stick fits the bill perfectly. We would recommend this stick for beginners because the improved design makes it possible for entry level players to learn the fundamentals easily.

The well structured shaft with texture gives a comfortable grip for beginners who are learning to hold the stick correctly.

The deep legal pocket makes it easier to catch, throw and cradle the ball, which helps beginners play like professionals.

So, if you are serious about making a career in this sport then invest in the Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick and you will be happy with your decision.

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