Lilly Complete Stick: A Lacrosse Stick for Women

Sports truly bring communities together. That is something I have always believed especially growing up in a home where sports were so important. All of my siblings played sports and I was always drawn to the idea of playing a sport, I just always loved it.

I will never forget being seven years old and playing the championship game for my hockey team. I was never a great skater, but that game I gave it all I had, with my parents and my entire family cheering in the stands.

It was the final period, it was tied, and I was on defence. I took the puck from the opposing team and passed it to my friend down the ice, who took a slap shot and scored! I could not believe it.

Even though I didn’t “score” the winning goal, I felt the rush of the crowd, and feeling that I played a role in this win. Sports taught me a lot about teamwork, working together, and communicating with others. It really shaped the person I am today.

As I stated before, I was not the greatest skater so that was actually the last time I played hockey. My Dad knew I still loved the sport, and said I should try playing lacrosse instead. That changed my life.

Lacrosse is essentially hockey without the skating and I truly fell in love. I have been playing lacrosse ever since and have a great interest in helping others learn how to play the sport and what they can do to buy the best equipment.

There are so many lacrosse brands available on the market today that vary in price, size, and playing type. It can be really scary but I am here to help guide you towards what will be the best purchase possible for you! One lacrosse brand is the Lilly Complete Lacrosse Women’s Stick. It is available online for purchase on various websites!


The Lilly Complete Lacrosse Women’s Stick comes with a variety of features to meet your lacrosse playing needs. These features include:

  • Overall 36″ length is shorter and easier to handle for entry level players
  • Wide face, flat scoop and lower sidewalls
  • Miniature sized stick
  • Good for girls up to the 6th Grade
  • Flexible scoop for easy ground ball pick up
  • Great colors on stick: bright green and blue (or red/pink)
  • Customizable Coloring
  • Very Light


  • Great Quality
  • Superb for beginners
  • A really great stick for young girls and teens
  • Can be used in regulation sports (only at a younger age)
  • Comes at great price
  • Fantastic Colors
  • Young Girls will love it
  • Very light
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Price


  • Can only be used at a younger age
  • Cannot use if you are older competing
  • Max Age is around 12-13!


There is something I want to fill you in on before I say my final verdict! My review should be taken with a grain of salt. I am an older man, who has been playing this sport most of my life and look for professionally made tools.

Sporting equipment, at the end of the day, fully relies on personal preference. Something I may adore, you may hate, as it is very dependent on your size, shape, and overall level of professionalism. I always recommend that you go to the store yourself and test it on YOU! That is the only way you’ll know if you’ll like it.

That being said, I will only recommend the Lilly Complete Lacrosse Women’s Stick to younger girls who don’t want to pursue lacrosse in a really competitive level or pursue it professionally.

It is a great looking stick for people who just play recreationally and are not worried about doing lacrosse in high school or college. If you are looking for a more professional type of stick, I recommend looking at one that is bigger, and is built more sturdy.

This is a really cheap buy, however, and it definitely does get the job done! Lacrosse definitely is a sport that is underrated and it brings me joy knowing that you are going to play it! Happy playing!

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