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Lacrosse is perhaps the fastest game played on two feet! Although it is one of the least publicized sports, there are several leagues dedicated exclusively to the game. To play the game, every player needs lacrosse equipment and a stick is perhaps the most integral part of the equipment.

A lacrosse stick, also known as crosse directly impacts a player’s performance. To be precise, your choice of stick can actually make or break your game, no matter how experienced a player you are! Literally!

A perfectly strung lacrosse head with a well textured shaft is the formula for success!

Unlike other sports, the equipment for lacrosse differs for every player. So, a lacrosse stick should not be bought without considering the important factors.

Some of the most important things you must look for when buying a lacrosse stick are:

  • Your position as a player (lacrosse heads and shafts will differ for goalies, field players, attackmen, defensemen, and middies)
  • Your specific role in the team (lacrosse heads will vary for goal scorers and feeders)
  • Quality of strings in the lacrosse head (You must avoid factory made pre-strung lacrosse heads as they are usually poor in quality. Instead, consider getting the lacrosse head strung by stringing specialists at any lacrosse shop at a reasonable price.)
  • Perfect lacrosse shaft that complements the head (There are three things you must consider when buying a lacrosse shaft – raw material, grip, and durability. Find a perfect shaft that balances the head and helps you play with confidence.)
  • Size of the lacrosse stick, specifically the length and width should be considered when making a buying decision. A attacker stick should be lighter and shorter for a better grip; defensemen sticks must have a long shaft; goalie’s stick should have a larger head; and girl’s sticks should have lighter heads.


STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head$$ 4.5/5.0
STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle$ 4.0/5.0
Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick$$ 4.6/5.0
STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 300 Complete Stick Black Head$$$ 5.0/5.0
Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick$$ 5.0/5.0
Warrior Revo X ALA Attacker Lacrosse Stick$$ 4.4/5.0
Waboba FiddleSTX Set$ 4.5/5.0
STX Lacrosse Women’s EXULT 300 Complete Stick$$$ 5.0/5.0
STX Lilly Girls Lacrosse Complete Stick-Pink $ 4.0/5.0
STX Lacrosse Women’s Crux 100 Complete Stick with Head$$ 4.6/5.0


We have listed 10 best lacrosse sticks available on Amazon with short reviews to help you buy that perfect lacrosse stick which will take your game to the next level.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft & Head

If you are looking for that perfect stick as an entry-level player then this one is for you. It comes with the stallion 200 head and stallion 6000 shaft, which makes it extremely easy to handle. The stick is light weight and the head is highly flexible.

The mesh on the head is soft which makes it a good choice for beginners. The soft mesh makes it easier to catch, throw and cradle the ball. The price is reasonable which again makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

  • The lacrosse stick is available in black and white colors
  • The design is inspired by the Elite stallion U 500 head
  • The soft mesh makes it easy for beginners to catch and throw the ball
  • It is perfect for practice as it helps develop fundamentals of the sport
  • It provides good balance and ball control for entry-level players
  • The lacrosse stick meets NCAA and NFHS standards


This lacrosse stick comes with a perfect head and shaft combo, which makes it perfect for all ages and all skills. Although, it is labeled as perfect for beginners, those with years of experience in the sport also find it useful.

The shaft length is perfect both for midfield and attack positions. Most customers who have bought this product are satisfied with its performance.  It is lightweight, flexible, and durable, which makes it a right choice for anyone looking for a lacrosse stick for practice.

It features open sidewall design that helps to train entry-level players how to pass and catch. The flat leveled scoop of the lacrosse head makes it easier to pick the ball.


Although most customers are happy with the product, some of them found the factory mesh not up to the mark. If you are not satisfied with the pre-string mesh then you can get it re-strung by a stringing specialist.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for a good performing lacrosse stick, STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U serves the purpose well. It offers good value for money.

If you are looking for a good quality lacrosse stick at an affordable price then this one is for you. You can buy the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U stick online on Amazon.

STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle and One Ball

If you are looking for a cheap yet decent lacrosse sticks set for your toddler then this one fits the bill! This set of miniature sticks is just what you need to introduce your kids to the game. Even if your child is just 2, don’t think that he’s too young to start.

The young enthusiasts can pick the game surprisingly fast and this FiddleSTX stick is the perfect companion to let them enjoy an indoor or outdoor play. At this price, it is definitely a good bargain.

  • Two durable super power lacrosse sticks
  • Every set comes with a cushy orange ball
  • Stick is made from good quality plastic material
  • Each stick features a rugged plastic head and shaft
  • The net is secure and made of decent quality


STX FiddleSTX have plastic shaft which makes it easy to handle even for 2 year olds. If you have kids at home who want their own lacrosse sticks then this product makes a great buy! The product is available at a reasonable price so you don’t have to think twice before ordering these.

The young gamers will have great fun playing around with these FiddleSTX sticks. It is a great way to introduce them to the game.


This is not a professional stick. It is more like a kid’s toy to play with. As the shaft is made of hollow plastic instead of metal, they are not very durable but they are good for toddlers to mess around with.

It is very lightweight hence not suitable for someone who wants a good quality and durable stick for practice. The FiddleSTX set in the yesteryears were sturdier and more durable.

Some customers have complained about the net being too stiff, but at this price you can definitely ignore that part. It might be tough to catch the ball at first but with practice you will get used to it.

The mini lacrosse sticks set comes with just one ball. Some customers are of the opinion that including two to three balls in the set could make the product better.


Overall, the STX FiddleSTX mini pack is a good starter set to introduce young children to the sport. It is a little on the flimsy side, but at the price you cannot ask for more! It makes for a great gift for toddlers, but if you are looking for ‘real lacrosse sticks’ then this is definitely not for you!

Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick

This lacrosse stick is perfectly designed for high school girls! If you have a daughter or grand daughter who loves lacrosse then get her a Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick and watch her beam with joy! The neon pink color adds that feminine touch to the stick, making it a perfect companion for girls who love this game!

This lacrosse stick by Dynasty is made for entry level players who want to learn the various moves of the game. From getting an easier curve to shooting and catching the ball in the net, this is a complete stick for those wanting to master every aspect of the beginning process.

  • The head is designed in a way to enhance the pocket depth and develop ball retention skills for beginners
  • The head has a wider face with increased surface area to help beginners learn to catch the ball with ease
  • The improved sidewall bars offers enhanced stiffness in areas required to pick ball from ground
  • It is perfectly designed for beginners to learn and practice


The lacrosse stick is perfect for beginners as it makes catching and picking the ball a lot easier. First and second year players can also opt for this stick. Although the stick is slightly expensive than other beginner sticks available in the market, its stylish design and good grip makes it worth the price.

The criss-cross design at the center appears better than the ordinary straight across designs. The extra capability to hold the ball gives confidence to a new player.

The decent color combinations look pleasing to the eye. There are three amazing combinations to choose from – neon green, neon pink, and neon blue.


Some customers have questioned the durability of the stick. If you use this stick for regular practice, it might start showing signs of wear and tear.

In some cases, customers complained that the stick broke after one lacrosse season.

If you are a midfield player then this stick might be slightly heavy for you. Furthermore, the stick is slightly more expensive than other beginner sticks.


If you are beginner looking for a decent lacrosse stick to practice with then the Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick is a good choice. The professionals must invest in a more durable stick that promises to last long!

STX Crux 300 Complete Stick [Women’s]

Whether you are beginner or are a professional lacrosse player, the STX Crux 300 Complete Stick will provide you the winning streak! The intricate design and perfect pocket of this stick makes it easy to catch, pass, cradle and shoot the ball. The STX Crux 300 is the perfect choice for attackers as it improves the ability to shoot with precision.

The sharp features and unique overlapping string system of the STX Crux 300 makes it stand out from the rest. It has the deepest legal pocket and a variety of stringing and pocket options. The STX Crux 300 complete stick gives you the confidence to put your best foot forward!

Although it is slightly more expensive than other beginner’s sticks, customers who have bought this product say that it’s worth every penny.

  • It comes with an extreme scoop angle that provides extra snap
  • The minimum height of the side walls offers deepest legal pocket
  • The runaway pocket has a unique string system that enables two center runners to bend out and catch the ball
  • It comes in three exciting colors – black, purple, and red
  • The complete stick has 7075 shaft
  • There are several string holes for a wide range of stringing and pocket options


STX Crux 300 is a good choice for beginners and average players. The shaft has a special texture which makes it easier to throw and catch ball using this stick.

Although there are other cheaper alternatives available, experienced players recommend STX Crux 300 for its design. The special center string system of the head improves player’s performance.

Besides being comfortable, the stick also provides a good grip to the players. It is highly durable and will last several seasons.

The unique design of Crux 300 complete stick makes it an offensive player’s preferred choice for precision shooting.


STX Crux 300 is a little expensive than other lacrosse sticks available in the market.


STX Crux 300 complete stick with its extreme scoop angle, runaway pocket design with center string system makes it an obvious choice for professional players. Whether you are playing high school level or nation level as an attacker, pick this one and you will know what makes it so popular.

Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick

The Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick for men helps to elevate the level of your game! The next gen shaft and head combo will give you the extra confidence you always wanted. If you want to play each game like a pro, this is a good choice!

The Evo head has been re-tooled to make it best fit for the Junior Varsity level players wanting to play like champions! The shaft has a great texture which lends that perfect grip to the players. It comes with the deepest possible pocket that helps you play with ease.

Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick has everything you could possible ask for in a lacrosse stick, so that you can focus completely on your game.

  • The head is re-tooled to make it suitable for JV level players
  • Truoffset design of the stick gives it the deepest possible pocket and enhanced ball control
  • The shaft comes with an improved ruff-grip texture to give players a high-end feel


Warrior EVO Next Complete Stick has everything it takes to be a champion’s choice. The sharp design, awesome grip and re-tooled head make the lacrosse stick just what you need to play a great game.

The stick is a good choice for both beginners and professional players. It offers enhanced ball control for better performance.

The attractive pricing makes it easy on your pocket. So, if you are looking for a good quality lacrosse stick that comes at a reasonable price then the EVO next gen stick is for you!

Customers who have bought this product are mostly satisfied with their purchase.


The pocket might need to be restrung after a few games. But, that can be done with ease at any lacrosse equipment shop at a reasonable price! At this price, customers really don’t complain much about it.


Overall, this is a good men’s lacrosse stick. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. Although it is comparatively cheaper, it comes with some great features which make it a good buy! So, if you are looking for a stick that comes easy on pocket and helps you play a nice game then this is a good choice.

Final Verdict:

As already stated at the beginning of the article, buying a lacrosse stick highly depends on your position as a player and your role in the team. If you are a beginner then you may opt for the less expensive but good quality stick that helps you gain confidence in the game.

Those who are playing high school level games may invest in a high quality stick that complements their style, strength, and position to give them the winning edge!

As a high school girl or boy, you can buy any youth lacrosse stick as your first stick. As you grow older, you will need to choose a more suitable stick based on your gender. Men’s lacrosse sticks differ from women’s lacrosse sticks in many ways. Getting the right stick as per your gender, height, physical strength and stamina are crucial for success.

Professional and national level players may opt for the custom made sticks that are perfectly designed to suit their style. As you get better with the game, you can opt for the more advanced and expensive sticks offered by the big brands in the industry.

We hope that this information helps you make the right choice and completely nail your buying decision!

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